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About Us

Our Mission at SuperSpeed Slugger is to help baseball players increase their bat speed.

For many years baseball players have been using donuts or heavy bats with the thought that this increases how fast they can swing.  We now know through biomechanical research that this actually makes the body rotate and move slower!

Overspeed training works in a different, in fact, opposite way from a donut or heavy bat.

Here are the scientific facts: Whenever our body performs a movement such as swinging a bat, this movement is controlled by a motor program in our brain.  This motor program drives the muscles of our body to make the motion in a very precise and specific order.  This motor program also has a “normal” speed at which this neuromuscular response (brain to muscle) will take place.

By reducing the weight of the bat just enough, we are able to increase the neuromuscular response speed of the batting motion by as much as 20%.  Then by increasing the bat weight during the close proximity of swings in our training protocols, we are able to reset the “normal” response time to one that is significantly faster and more powerful.

Our Team Leaders

Justin Stone | Partner and Director of Baseball Coaching

Justin Stone is one of the most in demand private instructors in the country.  Justin teaches approximately 3,000 players from across the United States each year and teaches hitting, defense, pitching and catching at Elite.  Justin was a two sport Division 1 athlete in college at Eastern Illinois University as a starter in both baseball and football.  In 1998, he was a first team All-Ohio Valley Conference second baseman and a finalist for the Ohio Valley Conference Student-Athlete of the Year.  Justin finished with a career batting average of .356 and is still in the top three in single season stolen bases at EIU.

After his playing career ended, Justin’s coaching career began as an Assistant Coach at Division 1 Indiana State University.   While at Indiana State, Justin helped build recruiting classes that were recognized nationally by Collegiate Baseball Magazine.   Thirteen players were eventually drafted off of those Sycamore teams, with four players making it to the Major Leagues.

Justin became the head instructor at the Chicago White Sox Training Academy in 2004 where he established himself as one of the most in demand private instructors in the country.  Considered as an expert in the field of high-speed video analysis, Justin utilized technology to teach baseball mechanics more efficiently.  His reach began to encompass professional players that were looking for the most detailed resources in instruction available.   With the White Sox Academy, Justin developed an “elite” division inside the Academy, running “high end” classes and exposure opportunities for athletes looking to excel in and beyond high school.   He continues to work with college coaches and professional scouts in the area for many “high profile” exposure events.

In 2007, Justin co-founded with White Sox National Crosschecker, Nathan Durst, the Chicago White Sox ACE program which is an inner city elite travel program funded by Chicago White Sox Charities to train and assist inner city players to prepare them for college baseball.  The program has been a huge success and continued to expand while placing numerous players into college and professional baseball.

Stone developed the Elite Baseball Training Teams as a way to take Elite’s recognized player development program to the field.  Success has been an understatement.  In the first year as a program, Elite was a Perfect Game National Championship Runner Up and followed that up this past year with a 3rd place finish in the coveted Perfect Game WWBA National Championship.  Elite players have committed to schools all over the country, from Arizona to Florida St., as well as schools in every major BCS conference.

Justin works frequently outside of the Chicagoland as a nationally recognized clinician and has spoken at numerous state and national coaching clinics on hitting.  He was the hitting presenter at the 2013 ABCA conference, has spoken at the BCA high school national conference and numerous state high school associations across the United States.  To add, he has worked for USA Baseball as a National Team Trials coach as well as events like the Breakthrough Series and the National Trials Identification Series.   He ends up coaching 3,000 players a year across the country and is available for classes and lessons at Elite for hitting, pitching, defensive work and catching.

Credentials/ Special Training:

  • Digital Motion Analysis certified: Hitting, Pitching Defense
Michael Napoleon

Michael Napoleon | President

A premier golf swing coach and biomechanics expert, Mike has been developing advanced training methods and programs for many of the top golfers in the world.  Mike has also spent the past 6 years collecting biomechanics data on baseball batting motions with comparative research to golf swings with a close partnership with Justin Stone of Elite Baseball Training.  Through this research, Mike and Justin have helped to simplify and target batting mechanics for many players from youth to professional.  The development of the SuperSpeed Slugger Training System is a natural progression of this biomechanics research, adapting a easy to use training system to help players increase bat speed and power.

Credentials/ Special Training:

  • PGA, TPI Certified
Kyle Shay

Kyle Shay | C.E.O.

Kyle brings great insight from the realm of high performance physical training and rehabilitation. A Level IV, C.H.E.K. Practitioner and highly credentialed exercise specialist, Kyle has been working with high level athletes in many sports for over 10 years. His expertise on injury prevention, corrective exercise, neuromuscular biomechanics, and power training have helped shape the details of the SuperSpeed Slugger Training System in almost every way.

Credentials/ Special Training:

  • CHEK IV, TPI Certified

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