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SuperSpeed Slugger Lineup

The SuperSpeed Slugger lineup includes four different sets to accommodate players across the spectrum of competitive baseball. You should choose your SuperSpeed Slugger set based on the type of bat you are currently using in games.

  • SuperSpeed Slugger Pro: Based around a 33 Inch, 30 Ounce Bat.
  • SuperSpeed Slugger Adult: Based on a 32 Inch, 29 Ounce Bat
  • SuperSpeed Slugger All-Star: Based on a 30 Inch, 25 Ounce Bat
  • SuperSpeed Slugger Youth: Based on a 28 Inch, 18 Ounce Bat

Each set includes three training bats, one that is 20% lighter than your game bat, one 10% lighter, and one 5% heavier.

SuperSpeed Slugger Online Video Based Training Protocols

The SuperSpeed Slugger Training System comes with access to our online video based training protocols. Justin Stone from walks you through each step of the training process to ensure success with your overspeed training program.

We recommend training 3X per week for optimal results. Start with the Introduction Protocol for at least the first 4 weeks of training.

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SuperSpeed Slugger - Overspeed Biomechanics

SuperSpeed Slugger: Training Basics

SuperSpeed Slugger: Safety

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